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Why Web Design And SEO Go Hand In Hand

Great Web Design Example
A Great Website Design

When business owners think of SEO, the design of the website is the last thing on their mind. They just want an SEO company to flip a few switches and turn on the flow of organic traffic.

It’s sometimes hard to give a business owner an answer of how these adjustments on the back end of the website will help. Because the Google algorithm is constantly changing, what worked last week may not work tomorrow. What worked to get to the top may not stay the same in the long run.

It’s a game of constantly shifting variables that never ends!

There are a few things that don’t ever change when it comes to ranking well in Google and other search engines. To understand what those are you have to understand why people go to search engines in the first place.

Why do you go to a search engine? Because you have a problem, no matter how big or small, and you’re looking for an answer or a solution.

Search Engines Explained
Search Engines Explained

Search engines are created to make money for the company who created them and also organize the internet’s information. Google makes a lot of money driving customers to your business. The more quickly and efficiently they do this the more money they will make. If you think about it the way we shop has changed completely. Now, whether it’s using a smart phone, tablet or computer we use search engines to find our way around the world.

Search engines are for human interaction and Google ranks your website for how efficiently it delivers information. Design is a big part of that. If your website is appealing and effectively serves it’s purpose then you will get a higher page ranking.

This is why your web design is paramount in your long term SEO strategy. SEO is a combination of a multitude of constantly shifting factors but one thing never changes.

What is a websites purpose?

It depends on the website. Most of them started out as informational. If you landed on a webpage when the internet first appeared you were looking for a piece of information. There wasn’t as much commerce back then as there is today.

The effectiveness of how easily that information is delivered to you through the internet effects your ranking. So if you land on a website of spaghetti recipes and it’s all about how to grill a hamburger than it’s not very effective.

It’s actually very misleading and in this case that specific webpage or website would get assigned a poor page ranking. This may seem obvious to some people but you’d be surprised about how often this happened, especially in the early days. This is where the term spam originated from. Spam is created with the purpose to mislead you, steal your information or get you to click thru to something that is unrelated to what you were looking for. When you click on something chances are that the person who posted it will make some sort of money from advertising.

The key is the purpose of the website. If the goal of the website is to provide pictures of dogs that look like their owners and that’s all they have that doesn’t mean it will rank lower than Chevrolet’s main website. If it serves it’s purpose effectively in providing content that proves that this is happens and you get a laugh from it than it can be a highly ranking webpage or website.

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The design of your webpage or website doesn’t need to be especially confusing or complicated. It can be simple. In today’s internet driven world less is more! When someone lands on your website they want to know why they are there immediately. They make a snap judgement on whether or not that website has what they are looking for. If your website doesn’t communicate this effectively in a split second you may lose that person forever!

There are too many other options out there for anyone to waste their time on a website that doesn’t have what they’re looking for. A sharp, yet simple design, can keep a persons interest just long enough for you to make a sale and convert.

One of the things that turn people away quickly is an overwhelming amount of information. Not that your website or webpage shouldn’t have a lot of good info. It’s just that it shouldn’t be delivered all at one time. Blobs of never ending text can be overwhelming for a lot of people. Some of them just don’t have the time to read through everything.

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Instead, when someone lands on your page they should know immediately why they are there. A sentence or two is enough to get that point across. Let the person landing on your page decide whether they should go any further.

Once they’ve decided they are going to stick around that’s where website organization kicks in. Your website should look simple, inviting and easy to navigate. If people want to continue they should be able to easily find the best place to click that will guide them to what they are looking for. Menus should be laid out in a manner that makes it easy for the person to click thru. Too many menus on screen may turn some people away. Most people freeze up and panic with too much information. Limit their options upfront. As they navigate deeper through their website that’s when you should present the option to discover more information.

When the google bots and spiders scan your website they will be able to tell whether your website is easy to navigate. While your website should have a lot of depth it should never be overwhelming. Simple yet effective is your goal.