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Why Social Media is An Important Part Of Your Business

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We’ve arrived in a new age of advertising and business. If you’ve landed on this web page you understand that SEO and digital marketing in general can be useful to your business. You’re also trying to figure out how it fits into your current business model.

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, goes beyond just priming your website to get found in search engines. By definition that’s what it is but it’s now evolved to so much more than that.

If you’re like most people when you think of social media you don’t associate it with SEO. To most business owners social media is a distraction and also a complete waste of money.

The truth is that social media is a powerful asset to your business plan that can jump start your search engine optimization.

What is Social Media?

Social Media is everything and nothing all at once. It can be a distraction, as mentioned above, or it can be a powerful asset to your business driving traffic to your website and generating leads.

So what is social media? At first glance it’s a place where people can interact with friends and family. People share their happiest moments on social media. They declare their love for their favorite bands, post pictures of their favorite food and show off their fresh new clothes among many other things they do on a day to day basis. People brag on social media or look for comfort in the darkest times in their lives. They voice their strongest opinions about politics, sports, music and movies. They “like” what they agree with and comment when they don’t. Some people feel more comfortable on social media than they would in everyday life freely expressing themselves in the safety of their own homes behind their computer screens.

How is this helpful to a business? When people post on social media they are telling you what they like. They are showing you their personality and in a sense how they view the world. If you understand what makes people excited or happy you can then figure out how to best market to those specific individuals. It’s about conversions not volume. Old advertising was all about volume and getting your brand in front of as many people as possible. Doing so would increase your chances of converting and generating revenue for your business.

When print advertising reigned supreme it was like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what stuck. You would order thousands of post cards to send out with an offer or call to action. Some of the houses you sent these offers to would work and some of them wouldn’t. It was a guessing game and often ended with low conversion rates. Not only were you sending offers to these houses but hundreds of other companies were as well year round as we all slowly became immune to the none stop bombardment of ads. The same went for commercials. You could control who you targeted to a certain point. During morning cartoons cereal companies ruled commercials as well as the hot new toy. During pro football games we still have to deal with a none stop barrage of beer commercials.

With social media you can attract and market to the people who celebrate your brand the most. The people who love your brand more than other people will advertise for you in as they are the most excited about it. When you show your appreciation to this group of people they will naturally pay it forward and let other people know how much they love your brand and why.

This group of people will exercise the most powerful thing you can do on social media which is to “share.”

This is where SEO and social media go hand in hand. While SEO is search engine optimization sharing a post creates a new link for which Google and other people can find your website. If you have a fan of your business on Twitter sharing one of your posts and another fan on Facebook also sharing on their feed that’s two ways someone can find your website.

Now imagine if this happened thousands of times a day every single day! It would give you a boost in search rankings as social media factors in Googles search engine algorithm in some form. Google and Twitter have just recently struck a deal to get more of their Tweets indexed and ranked which has an impact on search rankings.

Google can’t index all Tweets as there are millions of them every single day. This data overload would crash Googles advanced search engine believe it or not. They pick and choose which Tweets will get indexed and the ones that do will create a link back to your website.

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So how does this help your business?

As in my earlier post “Why SEO is the most important part of your business,” SEO is the driving factor in today’s market that will drive traffic and generate revenue for your business. Social media and SEO are a powerful partnership and both should be utilized together. Social media carries weight in Googles and other search engines algorithm. While it isn’t a huge impact yet it will get bigger as Google and Twitter have struck a deal to get tweets indexed. Even if your tweets don’t get indexed establishing your brand across every social media channel creates consistency. Consistency, in the SEO world, is a big part of the battle. Sending out your content through social media channels accelerates the SEO process.

Consistency creates trust. Social media has the word “social” in it for good reason. When people go to Twitter and see friends interacting with your brand and see the same thing on Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest it creates trust. It also creates social proof that it’s ok to buy from you and also that other people vouch for your brand as well.

Companies are generating leads and converting on social media channels. They are driving traffic back to their websites with offers through social media. It’s creating pathways back to your business.

Ask yourself this question. If there is only one way to get to your business is anyone really going to take the time to find you? There are way too many other businesses who have embraced social media and SEO as one for anyone to waste their time trying to find a company that doesn’t. If you’re not doing social media then you can’t win. It’s like if an NFL team forfeited before they even stepped onto the field.

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