How Social Media Can Turbo Charge Your SEO

It’s time to start taking social media seriously. Most business owners see it as a distraction or an afterthought. They see their kids wasting hours a day on it and try and prevent their employees from doing the same. The truth is that social media can turbo charge your SEO and search rankings like nothing […]


How To Hire The Right SEO Company

SEO is arguably the most important part of your business strategy. Without it you will not survive in a business landscape ruled by┬ápeople looking for solutions using a search engine. There are 450 Billion pages and counting. How is your page going to get found in a never ending sea of new businesses? Search engines […]

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Why SEO is Always Changing

SEO for business owners can be frustrating. It’s hard to sometimes quantify what a successful SEO campaign looks like. It’s not as cut and dry as if you flip a switch,┬áthat it will suddenly open up this magical revenue stream. Most of the time a business owner can’t see what an SEO company does to […]