How To Find The Best SEO Company

Office SEO
Your SEO company should have an office full of SEO experts.

What does an SEO company look like to you? Most business owners have no way of answering that. They don’t know what an SEO company looks like. They’ve heard that they need it sooner rather than later.

How can you know what you want out of a company when you can’t even describe what it can do? Not knowing what SEO is or how it can help your business can set you up for failure.

SEO is becoming more and more important everyday. Search engines drive the economy more than ever before. Print advertising is out of style, which is another way of saying it doesn’t make any money.

When people are looking to buy or make a purchase, they go to a search engine and more specifically Google. Search engines provide a solution the millions of problems people have everyday. Your business is a problem solving entity and so are search engines.

a lot of people don’t even type in a URL. They just go to Google and enter a string of words such as “NFL Week 13 2015″or “CNN News” or “Presidential Race 2015.” They can even ask the search engines questions like “Where can I get Laser Eye Surgery?” Or “Is McDonald’s Healthy to Eat Everyday?”

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump
Google Search “Presidential Race 2016” and the results may include Donald Trump.

Whatever the most relevant result is they often click it. The most relevant result usually lies within the top 3 results. The most relevant results is what provides the best solution for your a problem.

The right SEO company can get you in these top 3 results. They can help present you in search engines in the most relevant way possible. The right SEO company can also help you convert at a much higher percentage. It’s not about volume anymore. It’s all about conversions. There are 450 billion web pages. You can’t be everywhere.

The key is to be in as many places as possible where the people looking for a solution are. If you aren’t there then they need to be able to find you easily.

The right SEO company can accomplish all this and more for your business.

How do you find the Best SEO company? Lets breakdown what to look for when looking for an SEO company.


With so many SEO companies springing up over night it’s hard to pinpoint which one is the best. There are a lot that may say they can do something but have nothing to show for it.

The best thing you can do when searching for an SEO company is to ask them for a list of previous clients. Once you get this list of clients enter them into Google search for the area they are in. See what you can find and where they rank.

A local presence is much more important nowadays than anything else. Make sure you set your search location to the city or suburb they are in or around. If you’re in Denver and you search for a coffee shop in Los Angeles from Denver they may not show up.

If you search for that same coffee shop in Los Angeles and they rank at the top of the search results than that’s a clue you may have found a great SEO company. Furthermore, if you see that coffee shop on other more authoritative websites that’s even better. Do the same thing for the other businesses on the list and see what you find.

Los Angeles Coffee Shop
Los Angeles Coffee Shop is a parody of StarBucks.

SEO is all about establishing a presence in search in multiple different places. It’s like staking your claim. The more places that people see you the higher your page rank in Google. That doesn’t mean this coffee shop should rank number 1 for all coffee shops in Moscow, Russia. This isn’t relevant to people living in Moscow as no one will hop a red eye flight to Los Angeles for coffee.


Not to say that in other countries that there isn’t a quality SEO company. There is I am sure of it. The thing is that Google puts a lot of weight in local search now more than ever before. One of Googles goals is to organize the worlds data by making search results relevant. When someone is searching for showtimes for the new Star Wars Movie, they don’t want a movie theater that is a 1,000 miles away on a different continent.

Because of this it’s important to have an SEO company on the same continent as you. Google gives you the best results according to language and how you speak to it. If there is a Russian company trying to rank for your business in the Denver area there may be a language barrier.

Once again, not to say they couldn’t rank you, there just may be a disconnect on how they search in Moscow versus how you search in Denver. You don’t need to have an SEO company in the same city or state as you but depending on the business it may help. If you aren’t in the same state then strong communication can help overcome any issues that may arise along the way.

Social Signals

The internet is an extension of us. It helps us become more productive. Were approaching a time where the internet is merging with reality. When the internet first came around people considered it “fake” and not real life. Now we have kids who are born who never knew a world without the internet or the use of smart phones.

Take social signals for example. When jobs hire new people they usually promote from within or hire a friend of a current employee. That is a social signal. It’s hard to approach strangers in public as everyone is on guard. If you approach someone at a coffee shop and at the start of the conversation and you have a mutual group of friends then that helps both sides relax.

Social Media Sites
Social Signals can help with SEO

Social media simulates real life social interactions in a way. Social media bridges a gap between companies and the people who pay their salaries. It helps them monitor and keep their finger on the pulse of their fan base. It helps businesses adjust on the fly to the needs of their potential customers. It also can be a place to generate leads and convert them into sales.

From an SEO standpoint it creates social signals back to your website. Social signals can create back links and pathways back to your website. It creates virtual tunnels the Google spiders can crawl and find your website.

There is a shift in SEO that makes social signals more important than ever before. The Google algorithm factors them in some way or another. Tweets are starting to get indexed as well. The indexed Tweets are big in the SEO world especially if they have your links in them.

SEO has evolved to make it more about human interaction. Old SEO companies, that have now gone extinct, used back door SEO tricks to get companies ranked. They used automated software to find a short cut through search engines. The search engines adjusted and both companies involved were punished after the several updates to the Google algorithm.

Content Marketing Plan

Businesses are usually on guard with an SEO company because they can’t always see what they are doing. They have to sit there and patiently wait around until more leads or traffic come their way.

Content Marketing Plan
A Content Marketing Plan is an important aspect of driving traffic to your website.

With all the new algorithm changes from Google their is a big emphasis on content marketing plans. Content marketing plans usually involved informative articles on how your business can help people.

It’s often times referred to as blogging and when you mention blogging most business owners ask why? They wonder why they should waste their money on a blog. How can blogging possibly help my business make more money?

The reason companies are standoffish about blogging is because their introduction to it was from the early days of the internet. In the early days of the internet people made a living blogging about themselves and how great they were.

These bloggers made quite a bit of money advertising for companies and talking about how great they are and how a product can improve your life. There are still bloggers out there that do this. Travel bloggers specifically can help drive  people to destinations while also selling plane tickets along the way.

Now blogging, or content marketing, is about how your business can help people. If you blog about how great your business is it can create conversions. If you write about how your business can help people or how your product or service can fit into their lives then you’ll get way more conversions.

When people seek out your company they are looking for a solution, not some web page that talks about themselves. People want to know how your business can solve their burning desire or problem.

That’s where content marketing comes in. It gives people a reason to buy from you. It creates a relationship with the potential customer before they come in. It also addresses common questions and concerns along the way. This can educate your customers to the point where when they end up coming in that they are ready to make a purchase. It’s an indirect way of selling.

The old way of selling was in your face. This is providing them with all the knowledge and allowing them to make the decision instead of forcing them into one. The best SEO companies in your city or surrounding areas will have all the proper content marketing techniques polished and ready to implement on your business.

What Else is There?

When looking for the right SEO company for you and your business it’s best to take your time. It’s hard to communicate with a company exactly what it is you want. The best thing to do is to compile a list of websites you’ve seen that you like. After that Google them relentlessly and see what comes up and where. Scan and research their social media profiles. Decide what kind of direction you want to go in regarding design. Compare and contrast each one.

If a company is on multiple different websites with a similar message then they most likely are working with a great SEO company. What I mean by similar message has nothing to do with copying and pasting. Each write up should be unique with the companies goals and values in mind.

Make sure you call and speak with each company individually. Pick their brain and compare and contrast what each one says. Ask them what they would do with your website and what their vision is short term and long term. How does SEO look to them? How does it effect your company and how will you know that it’s successful?

Steady communication and transparency  are key. Both sides should have an understanding of what everyone will be doing. Be available for the SEO company. Often times a business owner may think they will be completely hands off. You want a hands on SEO company in steady communication. They may need logins for different accounts such as for the back end of your website.