How Social Media Can Turbo Charge Your SEO

Twitter Feed
Twitter is a great way to find fans of your company

It’s time to start taking social media seriously. Most business owners see it as a distraction or an afterthought. They see their kids wasting hours a day on it and try and prevent their employees from doing the same.

The truth is that social media can turbo charge your SEO and search rankings like nothing else on the internet. It can be a powerful asset to your business in more ways than one. It can also make your quest to reach the top of the rankings much smoother and simpler than if you didn’t utilize it correctly. Embracing Social Media as a big part of the SEO puzzle can help not only raise your search rankings but also to increase your leads and revenue as well.

Lets break down how social media works in the SEO and internet eco system.

Spiders vs robots!

Googlebot scans your website every few second

That sounds like a made for TV movie on par with Sharknado but it’s actually the first step in getting traffic to your website. How does Google scan and rank 450 billion webpages?

Google has a never ending army of spiders crawling your webpages to see to determine how your website will be found when someone searches for you.

Or is it robots? Googlebot is Google’s tireless bot that crawls your webpages which is sometimes called a spiders. Googlebot is backed by a huge set of computers that scans billions of webpages per day and uses an algorithm to decide which webpages to scan and how often they should.

New links, existing webpages and websites  are all scanned and indexed. Any new changes to your existing websites are scanned and indexed as well. The Googlebot scans your webpage every few seconds on average which is amazing if you take the scale of the internet into account.

The Social Aspect of The Media

Socializing Dinner Party
Don’t forget about the Social Aspect of Social Media

Social Media can be very distracting. There have also been studies done that show spending too much time on Facebook can cause depression.

In a sense social media is like one giant psychological experiment. How people choose to interact on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or other social media websites can give you a window to their current state of mind. A big part of what drives social media is ego driven. People like to share their very best experiences in life while creating a story and an image they defend and support every opportunity they get.

Once they’ve shared about how they like Coors light over Bud Light they will post about it. Anything that goes against their love of Coors light they may shoot Down. Clothes, Movies, Music and TV shows all become a part of their personality and provide clues to what they like or what they want to buy.

You can think of Social media as a fair exchange of sorts. Your kids may not remember this but do you remember when you’d go to the mall and right in the middle their would be a chance to win a brand new car? You’d have to fill out information for a chance to win. Only one person won but thousands of people most likely filled out a card for the opportunity.

That’s thousands of people handing over valuable information about where they live that offered clues into their buying habits. If you checked the box age 30-39 and income range $40,000-$50,000 it gave a company clues as to what coupons they’d send you. It was a very subtle way of getting your information much like Facebook does now.

That is part of the reason you received so much junk mail. These contests were designed to to get your information so companies can market and sell to you.

That’s why Facebook is so valuable. You are essentially giving companies a snapshot of how to market to you more efficiently. When you “Like” something those companies get access to your Facebook feed.

Wiz Khalifa Facebook
Wiz Khalifa Quote about Facebook

When you post about your favorite bands, clothing companies, food or movies then advertising is then customized to your preferences increasing a companies chance of getting you to purchase their product. Most people use Facebook to build an image and will do whatever it takes to maintain that image.

That means buying a certain type of clothes, listening to a certain type of music, eating a certain kind of food going to a specific type of restaurant!

So when you go on Facebook it is a great place to stay in touch with your friends and family. It’s also a great place for companies to learn how to best market to you.

So how does this matter to SEO?

In the world of SEO links are literally the pathways to your success. The more links from a reputable website the better. The more links you have the easier it will be for people to find you.

Chain Link Fence
A chain link fence is a simple way to think about back linking.

So how does this factor into SEO? In Social Media the people sharing your website link or content can make your job much easier.

It comes down to social proof. If someone see’s their friend posting about your product or service that knocks a big portion of the sales process right out of the way.

By natural I mean in a way that doesn’t come off as pushy. Pushy and in your face advertising is the old way of marketing and most people are turned off by it.

The new way of advertising is all about social media and information. You present the information in a place where it can be shared. That information either provides someone with a solution or leads them to an answer a current problem or need they may have. What you put out onto social media should be useful and informative, Google ranks webpages with how useful they are to people, not robots.

When your content or link is shared by an influencer in a social media ecosystem to other people who are interested in similar things it can accomplish multiple different things. It can drive traffic to your website, it can generate a lead, it can generate a sale or it can set you up for success down the line.

What is an influencer and how do you find them? An influencer is a very powerful force in the social media eco system. They can be a very authoritative expert in their field such as Jon Clayton of ESPN or Oprah for weight loss. These experts generate sales not only on their own websites but also to thousands of other small businesses. If Oprah Winfrey promotes a book on her Twitter, Facebook or TV show it could easily reach the top 10 of a best seller list.

Jon Clayton ESPN
Jon Clayton of ESPN is considered an Expert in the Google Search Algorithm

Or it can happen on a much smaller scale such as a local fan of your product. These influencers take the initiative to not only learn about your product but to share about why they like it.

They usually share the best aspects of your product or service. It’s almost like having a salesman in the field. They will also take pictures with your product or post about your service before or after the fact.

Imagine a life long fan of Chevy Camaro finally buying one? That one guy has probably been researching Chevy for years and telling his friends and family that one day he is going to buy a Camaro. When they ask him why? He would then answer by pointing out all the positives to driving a Chevy and all the great aspects of the Camaro engine. His dream of owning and driving a Chevy Camaro has finally come true and social media has provided a platform for him to tell his story.

The day he buys the Chevy Camaro he may post a picture of himself either in it or next to it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media websites. This is among all the other posts and Tweets leading up to this purchase and also all the posts and tweets afterwards. Chances are if someone just bought a Camaro they shared about it in the past and will continue to in the future especially having just bought one.

Maybe he ends up making a video review or a video tutorial of how to drive a Chevy Camaro and posts it in a Chevrolet Facebook Group or online forums. This is all stuff one guy can do which is post links in places that could lead to a conversion for you.

Social Media is full of situations such as this. Once you discover who your fans are and how you can reach out to them you can increase your leads and conversion rate as well.

Social Media turbo boosts your SEO because influencers spread around links pointing back to your company. Whether it’s a direct link right back to the Chevy website or to a Chevy car dealership it’s sending signals to Google that you’re a reputable company to deal with. The name Chevy and the Chevy website have high page ranking in the Google search algorithm because they are considered experts in their subject.

Reaching out to an influencer directly can create a story for them to share across all their social media channels. If the company they love and respect interacts with them directly they will no doubt tell the world and remember that for a lifetime.

When people post about your company in different places it’s getting scanned by Googlebot. As Googlebot scans and indexes it then your website can increase in the search rankings.

Of course not every business can be as big as Chevy so how can you utilize social media if you’re much smaller?

Now that Google puts a lot of weight into local search results you can help your cause by establishing a strong local social media presence. Twitter also has an algorithm that customizes your experience depending on your location. Your account will show up to more people in Denver if you’re a Denver based company. People on Facebook and Twitter may be more likely to shop at a local establishment and when people in their immediate circle share about your company they will be more likely to see it.

Social Media creates social proof. Social proof carries weight in SEO. it’s not all about robots and spiders. Search marketing is more than anything else about people. Google strives to create an experience that provides solutions to people not robots or spiders.

How everyone searches has changed completely. That little Google search bar drives economic activity like nothing else in the world. Old SEO tricks are slowly going extinct. Because search is all about people Social Media is starting to carry more weight in the Google Search algorithm.

Because so many businesses aren’t utilizing it correctly if you choose to you can have a huge edge.